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TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled for decommissioning.
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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013

Corpus Grid shows an overview of the corpus, including each document's title, number of word tokens (total words), number or word types (unique words), and lexical density (the ratio of tokens to types).

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Created: Jun 02, 2011
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013
Background processing Not applicable
Ease of use Very easy
Tool family Voyant
Type of analysis Statistical
Type of license Free
Usage New
Web usable Run in browser
February 08, 2012 07:21 AM

Corpus Grid In Brief

Corpus Grid allows you to get a quick overview of a corpus. It rapidly returns a list of texts in the corpus, along with three basic measures for each text. The number of tokens is the total number of words that are found in a text, the number of types reveals the number of unique words, and the density value measures the richness of the vocabulary employed. The simple web-based interface is intuitive to use, and the tool is freely available as part of the Voyant text analysis environment.


The Corpus Grid interface allows you to configure the view in several different ways. You can do a straight sort by the token, types and density columns. Drop down arrows on the token and type columns provide options to group results according to the value in that column. Like other Voyant tools, a variety of export and sharing options are available via the export feature in the upper right hand corner.

The Corpus Grid is useful as part of a quick look at some of the salient characteristics of a given corpus. It offers a nice clean layout, but functionality is limited. If you wish to execute more granular queries, see characteristics of specific words, or otherwise manipulate the texts, you can double click the interface to see the corpus in the full Voyant toolset.

TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled to be decommissioned. Please visit the beta version of TAPoR 3.0. Thank you.
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