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TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled for decommissioning.
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Last Updated: Mar 07, 2013

TACTweb 1.0 is a free, historically important experimental web-based implementation of the TACT (Text Analysis Computing Tools) analysis and retrieval system, utilizing code originally written for TACT 2.0. TACTweb 1.0 is designed to make a TACT TDB database accessible to web users without requiring them to have a copy of TACT themselves. TACTweb 1.0 enables users to query TACT in its query language without having to learn the rest of the system. It is currently available for download, and is intended for install on a server.

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Created: Jan 29, 2013
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2013
Background processing Not applicable
Ease of use Moderate
Historic tool (developed before 2005) Development sustained to present, Influential
Type of analysis Natural language processing, Search
Type of license Free
Usage Experimental
Web usable Software you download and install
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March 07, 2013 12:26 AM

TACTweb 1.0 is a historically important web implementation of TACT, and some additional information about it is available on the web.

Two implementations are available for exploration via the University of Toronto's CHASS TACTweb Server and may be accessed here.

Bradley, John and Geoffrey Rockwell. "TACTweb: Argument and Evidence on the Internet." Presented at the ACH/ALLC Conference 1995 (Santa Barbara). May 1996. Web.

Wooldridge, Russon. "TACT et TACTweb." 2003. Web.

Wolldridge, Russon and Émilie Devriendt. "TACT et TACTweb, logiciels de recherche de données textuelles structurées." Maison des sciences de l’homme et de la société, Poitiers, le 5 mai 2001. Web.

TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled to be decommissioned. Please visit the beta version of TAPoR 3.0. Thank you.
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