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TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled for decommissioning.
Please visit TAPoR 3


Software design and development by Kamal Ranaweera and Mark McKellar of the Arts Resource Centre of the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta.

Interface design by Milena Radzikowska of Mount Royal University.

Server adminstration by Omar Rodriguez-Arenas of the Arts Resource Centre of the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta. TAPoR acknowledges server adminstration support formerly provided by Jordan Patterson of the University of Alberta.


Project Leads:

Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta, Kirsten C. Uszkalo, University of Alberta, and Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University.

For more about the TAPoR 2.0 redesign see our wiki pages on TADA. TAPoR 2.0 was redesigned following an open research model.

TAPoR 2.0 is a project of the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts.