TAPoR 2.0

Discover Research Tools for Textual Study

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  • Read and Create Tool Reviews
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TAPoR 2.5 is scheduled for decommissioning.
Please visit TAPoR 3

Welcome to TAPoR 2.0!

TAPoR 2.0 is a reimagining of the original TAPoR (Text Analysis Portal for Research). It is a both a resource for discovery and a community. The TAPoR team has created a place for Humanities scholars, students and others interested in applying digital tools to their textual research to find the tools they need, contribute their experience and share new tools they have developed or used with others.
We've recently debuted TAPoR 2.5 and have made some changes we think you will enjoy.

In order to help you discover research tools for textual study, we invite you to:

Browse Tools by Type or Tag

We have added number of different tags added to the tools to help you figure out what tools will work best for you and the task at hand.

Background Processing:
Doesn't Run in Background, Not Applicable, Runs in Background 
 Ease of Use:
Difficult, Easy, Moderate, Very Difficult, Very Easy 
Experimental, Limited Uses, New, Popular, Widely Used 
 Tool Family:
TAPoRware, Voyant 
 Type of Analysis:
Concording, Editing, Miscellaneous, Search, Statistical, Text Cleaning, Text Gathering, Visualization 
 Type of license:
Commercial, Creative Commons, Free, Open Source, Shareware 
Complex and Difficult, Limited Uses, Prototype, Still in Development, Time Consuming 
 Web Usable:
Other, Run in Browser, Software you Download and Install, Web Application you Launch

Search and Use Tools

TAPoR 2.0 is more than a place to find the classification of tools, it is a place to find and to used the tools themselves.

There are a few ways in which you can find tools. Looking for something specific? You can scroll through the pages, use the "search box" to search for tools you know, or by key words. You can sort for other like tools by sorting by attribute, or follow the leads of other users through the recommendation engine: see what "other people used."

Read and Create Tool Reviews

In this version of TAPoR, you can become more engaged in the evaluation and promotion of the tools you use and love. At the bottom of each too page, you can read what other users have had to say about tool, and leave you own comments and reviews. You can add to the knowledge about and classification of tools by adding your own tags. You can also simply vote on a tool, giving it a positive or negative review by giving it a 'thumbs up' or a 'thumbs down.'

Contribute and Advertise DH Tools

Have a tool you think is cool? TAPoR 2.0 provides a venue through which you can reach new audiences, hear their thoughts, and benefit from their reviews of your work. Please contact on of the project leads: Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta, Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University, or Kirsten C. Uszkalo, University of Alberta, and we will be happy to bring your work into the conversation.

Upcoming Features

We will be debuting the following features in 2014 with TAPoR 3.0:

  • Request tool reviews. Users will be able to identify tools they want to see reviewed.
  • Curated tool lists. Users will be able to create and save lists of tools and keep them as private for their own reference or share them as a public list of tools they recommend.
  • Allow users to comment on one another's profiles
  • Favorite tools. Users will be able to set quick links to the tools they use most within their profile.
  • User activity summary. Users will be able to view their recent activity, such as tools added and comments made, from within their profile.
  • User message board, for discussing tools, tool development and tool-based research.