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Author(s):  Max Silberztein

INTEX is a linguistic development environment active until 2005. It includes large-coverage dictionaries and grammers, can parse texts of several million words in real-time, and tools to create and maintain large-coverage lexical resources, morphological and syntactic grammars, build lemmatized concordances and indices of large texts and identified semantic units.


Author(s):  Frank Smadja

XTRACT was a tool for lexical collocation developed by Frank Smadja, then of Columbia University. It was designed to use statistical techniques to identify collocations of aribitrary length, and to generate syntactic relationships between words. This tool is no longer available and does not have a web presence.


Author(s):  Eugene Holman

FINNMORF was a tool for generating full lexical paradigms for Finnish words. It modelled Finnish morphological competence, to facilitate identification of the most likely forms of a word within its context. Although the program could not select the correct form from context, the complexity of Finnish required sophisticated modelling to correctly determine the possible root form of a given word. As such, FINNMORF represented a significant contribution to computational linguistics.


Author(s):  Richard L. Venezky

LEXICO was an interactive system designed to assist lexographers in text analysis. It assisted in storing, editing and concording texts, lemmatizing word lists and generating 'slips' containing a single word with its lemma, context and source.
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