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Author(s):  Jonathan Feinberg

Wordle is an online toy for generating word clouds using the text you provide.  Text can be submitted by providing an URL or by pasting raw text into an input.  The most frequent words from the text are then used as the source for the resulting visualization, where frequency is used to determine the size of each word. You may customize the output by choosing from a variety of display options (layout, font, colours) or use the randomize feature to get a random visualization.  Additionally, there is built-in stop word support for many common languages, and the option to change the word case.
Voyant Links

Voyant Links

Links finds collocates for words and displays links between them using a force directed graph. It shows term frequencies in proximity to keyword. It is a visualization and shows a web of terms.
EURAC: Structured Parallel Coordinates

EURAC: Structured Parallel Coordinates

Author(s):  EURAC

Structured Parallel Coordinates is a free JavaScript data visualization tool offered by EURAC. It is intended for data that contains some kind of structure, such as temporal ordering, strings or ranked orderings. EURAC has provided several examples, such as ngram comparisons, (sub)corpus comparison and KWIC with live corpus queries.
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